- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

Lefevre Connections

Lefevre Connections is a community outreach venture of the Lefevre Uniting Church.
Our vision is for Lefevre Connections to be a community hub that links the Lefevre Peninsula community by:
  • providing a welcoming place where:
  •       locals, new residents and visitors can share a conversation over a coffee; and
  •       parents and caregivers can browse a book with their children or relax with a coffee while their children play in the play area;
  • hosting regular community events, conversations, workshops and programs;
  • providing a library facility (in the coffee shop and street library) at which families can exchange reading books and access the internet;
  • providing support to the community through community appeals, emergency frozen meals, fruit & vegetables and affordable clothing; and
  • providing a child friendly facility that can be used for school holiday events, or hired for children’s birthday parties.

In becoming a community hub, Lefevre Connections includes:

Read our latest news about our community events below: