- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

The Lefevre Uniting Church operates 2 separate community programs:

1. Lefevre Connections which was established to provide a community place at which:
• neighbors and visitors can meet for a coffee and chat in Coffee@63;
• families have access to library resources and preschool children are encouraged to read with their families;
• families can access affordable clothing; and
• community events, conversations, workshops and programs are conducted.

2. UnitingCare Taperoo which operates an Emergency Relief Centre to provide people in need with nutritious frozen meals, fruit, vegetables, bakery products and second hand clothing.

A part time job vacancy currently exists in both programs.

The position vacant in the Lefevre Connections program is the Coffee Shop Coordinator. This is a permanent part-time position (14 hours per week).

The coffee shop coordinator is responsible for coordinating the provision of food and beverages by volunteers in Coffee@63.
The role involves:
• the provision of hospitality;
• the coordination of volunteers; and
• working cooperatively with the Lefevre Connections Team to develop and maintain the ongoing viability of Coffee@63.

The position vacant in UnitingCare Taperoo is the UnitingCare Taperoo Kitchen Coordinator. This position is a 1 year fixed term part-time position (5 hours per week)

The Kitchen Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the cooking and packaging of frozen meals that are distributed in the Emergency Relief Centre.
The role involves:
• planning the meals to be cooked; and
• coordinating the cooking, cooling, packaging, labelling and freezing of meals by volunteers.

The closing time for both positions is 5 pm on Tuesday 31 August. Applications can be sent to lefevreuc@internode.on.net.

For further information please telephone Marlene on 0422 851 455 or send an email to lefevreuc@internode.on.net.