- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

Having journeyed with Jesus through the five weeks of Lent; entered the city with palm fronds and cries of ‘Hosanna’ and felt the pain and desolation of Good Friday; we now arise to the dawning of a new day with Resurrection Sunday to begin April.

At our Snowden’s Beach Dawn Service we will reflect on knowing and believing as we ponder ‘What’s in the Egg?’    The egg is a universal symbol of fertility, birth and the genesis of life.  Many ancient civilizations and cultures believe that within the egg we see not just divinity but the whole map of the universe.

Within Christianity the Egg acts both as a symbol of life and when cracked open, the empty tomb.  Out of the darkness new life and light dawns and that light can never be snuffed out.  Jesus’ life, death and resurrection has brought this into being. But how do we know this?  We have centuries of tradition; personal experiences in different forms, times and places; witnesses who share their stories.      .

Jesus’s death was not just a ‘payment for humanity’s sin’ but a result of Jesus’ desire to transform the world; to bring about ‘new life’.  As Marcus Borg writes:  ‘The tomb couldn’t hold him.  He is still around, he is still in the world.

Jesus continues to be a figure of the present, who is known in the lives of many Christians.’ We pray you will be open to experiencing what Jesus means to so many and that you will know NEW LIFE for yourself.
Happy Easter!  

Rev Angie