- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

The meeting opened with welcome and prayer.

The Attendance Roll was circulated with 34 present and 4 apologies.

Minutes of meeting of 15th May 2016 were read and confirmed.

Reports received:                                                                                                                              Minister’s Report, Church Council, Worship, Pastoral, Marten Village, Bible Society, World Day of Prayer, Fellowship, Community/Mission, Library/Library Café, “Op” Shop, L.U.C.K.Y., Property and Finance.

Future Planning 


The Mission Plan developed in 2010 has been reviewed and redrafted. As part of this review, Rev Angie Griffin met with community groups and guided a series of discussions at Church Council and with the congregation. These discussions formed the basis for a Future Planning paper which contained a vision of where we want to be in 2020 and the key mission areas that we wish to focus on to achieve the vision.

The vision as outlined in the paper is:

Lefevre UC as a HUB in this community- recognised and valued as important to the life of the Lefevre Peninsula

New property developments alongside the Church and near the Police Academy filled with new homes, singles, couples, families and more-connections made by members of our Church with all these new comers to the region.

The key mission areas are:

1.    the promotion of our activities by:

(a)  upgrading the front of the Church to attract the attention of passers-by and encourage them to come inside;

(b)  renewing the signage at the front of the Church;

(c)  the website and Facebook site;

(d)  the development of a Welcome Pack that can be provided to people moving into the area; and

(e)  the development of property hire guidelines and flyer.

2.    establishing community connections through hospitality.

In considering the way to do this, Church Council is investigating the possible establishment of a Community Hub comprising:


This will involve:


Following a discussion about the concept the meeting agreed to proceed with an application to Presbytery and Synod SA Property Services requesting that the balance of the funds held from the sale of St Lukes Uniting Church Peterhead be made available for the proposed project.

General Business:

Rev. Griffin reported that a grant has been received from the Community Outreach Mission Network to assist with the erection of new signage at the front of the Church.

COMING EVENTS:                                                                                                                             BUNNINGS BBQ: Thursday 1st June                                                                                         GIFT DAY: Sunday 4th June                                                                                                              SOUP & SWEET LUNCHES: June, July, August.                                                                             June – 40th Anniversary of the Uniting Church. Cake to Celebrate.                                                   July Lunch to be held on third Sunday 16th July 2017 with a visit from the Moderator                     BUNNINGS BBQ EVENT – Tuesday – 1st. August                                                                     BUNNINGS BBQ EVENT – Monday – 4th September                                                                     FAMILY QUIZ NIGHT – Saturday – 7th October