- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

Dear Friends,

I hope you all had a peaceful and joy filled Christmas. Remember Christmas is not just one day but a season! The bible lectionary readings remind us of this – also the song “ The Twelve Days of Christmas “.

In the gospel of Luke 2:22-40, the old prophets Simeon and Anna remind us that we are never too old to do God’s work. They helped Mary and Joseph to recognise Jesus as the Messiah “a light of revelation for the gentiles and the glory for the people of Israel”. Anna prophesied Jesus as our redeemer and they also warned the parents that “Jesus would be spoken against”. This reminds us that God needs our older generation to guide the church with their wisdom . God needs them to be listening, discerning, blessing, encouraging, praying and building relationships with the younger generations. Like a well- used garden swing, (The hinges might need oiling – but it is still useful). If you are one of the older generation in our church – please remember we need you!

As we look back over 2020 we can see the fragility of life and the struggles from which none of us are immune. The COVID Pandemic is indiscriminate and has affected people from all walks of life and has resulted in many changes to our daily lives. I’m sure many of us have deepened our faith and prayer life during this time? I hope so.

Jesus is the light and the darkness will not overcome it. This season of Epiphany will help us to see this. May this past year make us more caring neighbours and a more compassionate people. May we recognise the importance of sharing our abundance with others who are less fortunate. May we reduce our consumption of material goods and become good stewards of our environment. We pray God’s kingdom of peace and blessing will come on earth. Jesus reassures us that with Love, Compassion & Forgivenesss all the problems of the world can be solved. Jesus is the truth, the light and the way. Shalom my friends. Happy New Year. “ For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne, we’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne. “

Rev. Frances