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Dear Friends,

As November draws near, Christmas seems to be approaching – fast!
Today was hot and tomorrow (Thursday) there is a total fire ban even though it is not yet summer!

Do you believe the climate is changing more rapidly than it should, due to increased green-house gas emissions?
Do you believe the scientific evidence that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to keep global warming down? I read the small book written by 16 year old Greta Thornberg called “no one is too small to make a difference”. It is a stimulating read and there is a copy in the library if you are interested.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, the truth is that we need to look after our planet and this is part of our Christian responsibility. Eco theology reminds us that God is in all of creation, therefore we need to respect nature. Colossians ch1 & 3, reminds us how Christ is the first born of all creation and in him all things in heaven and earth were created. It also reminds us not to be greedy It’s a good read!

I was invited to a Climate Action Meeting yesterday evening to dance with a group for Universal Peace. There were 7 guest speakers who spoke for 3 minutes each on actions we can take to look after our planet better. The actions surprisingly included:

What appeals to you the most I wonder?

Last night was a new experience and reminded me how important it is to be open to new ideas and to keep learning about conserving our planet I’m sure many of you would have some wisdom about Conservation?

Please pray for our planet and especially this Christmas – may our presents be green ones!
Please take the opportunity to open your hearts and lives this Advent to the mystery and beauty of God’s love for us, through the birth of Jesus, redeemer of the world.

Shalom Amen
Rev. Frances