- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

In this season of Pentecost we remember how the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples of Jesus, empowering them to go out and spread the news of God’s love for all people to all the nations on earth.

As the people of God we too are empowered by the Holy Spirit to show God’s love, care and concern for all people. All of us are unique, and how we do this is unique to each one of us. Some people show love and concern through making a telephone call, helping in some way, making something, donating money etc. I am inspired by the variety of ways this community shows love and care for others.

Jesus showed us how through the ministry of presence, he brought to people a sense of God’s love and care and healing power. We can all be channels of God’s healing power and love, like Jesus was, through being with others. When we give someone else our attention, and listen attentively – we are allowing God’s love to flow out through us to others and we are following Jesus.

Another way to serve the Lord is through prayer. We pray in many different ways. A caring conversation can be prayer. George Donaldson had this reminder of how we can pray for others, on his fridge. Taken from Colossian s 1: 9-14 we can pray for others.
1. To grow in wisdom and spiritual understanding of God’s will
2. That they may bear fruit in active goodness
3. Grow in the knowledge of God.
4. Be strengthened by God
5. Endure their trials with fortitude and patience
6. Be filled with God’s joy and peace
7. Always give thanks
8. Be assured of God’s eternal love and light.

Pentecost is a season of growth – the liturgical colour is green. During this season of Pentecost I pray we will grow in our faith and deepen our ministry of “presence” with others – especially for someone who needs a listening ear, a loving heart and a word of prayer.

God Bless you and your loved ones abundantly.

Rev Frances