- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

             Happy Father’s Day to all our Dads.  Have a lovely day.

Well – here we are at the start of September and supposedly the start of Spring.  The last few weeks have seen a wet cold and windy blast, hopefully winter giving its last hurrah!

We certainly give thanks for the blessing of the sorely needed rain, and hope and pray that areas which are experiencing such tough drought conditions, may be similarly blessed.  We certainly think of the heart ache and hardship that our farmers, graziers and folk on the land are and have been experiencing. It is not only the physical elements of existence, but also how the mental health of these folk is under such strain.

Our support and understanding is appreciated, and it cannot be stressed enough just how important this is to our farming community.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the bush chaplains and Frontier Services and mental health professionals as they work so hard to help alleviate the stress and isolation of those affected.