- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

Change is inevitable.

All through our lives we have to face change.  Sometimes that is very hard, especially as we age.

In the Bible we read of changes that occurred. For example, there was a big change in the lives of the Levites who looked after the Tent of Meeting, the temporary place of worship until the Temple was finally built in Israel. After David was anointed king.   He was keen to build a permanent house of worship for the Lord.  However, the time was not right and eventually his son, King Solomon built a magnificent Temple – a symbol of God’s presence with Israel.   Now the Ark of the Covenant would be kept in one place. The men, who did the work of packing and unpacking the ark would be able to concentrate on doing a different task in the service of the Lord.

We are experiencing a big change with Rev. Angie, who has done a great work connecting with the Lefevre community, moves to Hamilton. Rev Angie will be replaced by a new Minister who will bring different gifts to our Congregation.

In dealing with this change we can be confident that God does not change.  Our unchanging Saviour, Jesus is always the same.  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” He has been from the beginning.  He is permanent.   He is the eternal unchanging Christ.


May God richly bless both Angie and Neil in their new venture.