- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

As we enter the month of May, I am aware that this will be my last month with this congregation as your Minister.  I began on 1st June 2016 so almost 2 years will be passed.  I move on to a new full-time placement with the Hamilton and districts congregation in Victoria as of 1st June 2018.

I want to encourage you all to examine and be open to the concept of Lefevre Uniting at Taperoo becoming a ‘community heart’, a central point that is accessible to the people of the Lefevre Peninsula.  The Church is centrally located, close to main roads and public transport, with two schools and child care center nearby and ample on-site parking.

Lefevre Uniting Taperoo is an ‘asset’ for the community.  Lefevre Uniting Taperoo can become a place where people come together for worship, connection and relationship building. A place with space for a diversity of groups, services, programs and activities for young, old and in-betweens.

Already we have Relationships Australia and the Ocean View College running a program for boys.  Ethnic Link [part of Uniting SA] are running programs for people from different language groups.  Other church groups are using the Church as a venue for teaching and retreat events.

With successful applications for Grants we now have the go ahead to create a STREET LIBRARY which has been designed by and will be constructed by Year 11 Ocean View College students.  We have funds to develop the existing underutilized Library into a Book / Café area for groups to meet eg, Mothers and Children; Book Club, Book Exchange; Social groups – the options are endless depending on the desire, needs and energy of the whole community in partnership with Lefevre Uniting.   We are still waiting on plans for the redevelopment of our existing Op Shop which will also add value to the community.

As a Church, a community of believers, our goal is to serve the Lefevre Peninsula knowing that God’s love and transforming power is present for ALL people.  Together we can come to know God in new and different ways thus expanding our individual experiences of God. Together with renewed hope, with open hearts and minds, we can partner with others to build, strengthen and make the Lefevre Peninsula into a region, where everyone has a place, an identity that is strong and positive and each person can say with pride ‘the Lefevre Peninsula is my home’.

Whilst I will be far away across the Victoria border in Hamilton, I will keep a keen eye on how the Church and community are developing over the next year or two.

I pray God’s blessing on each person and every group that strives to be part of building a better community for ALL people.

Rev Angie