- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

What has the start of a New Year meant for you on your life journey?

Some start the year with ‘Resolutions’ which they really, truly intend to keep or achieve.  Sadly many are never realised.

Summer is well and truly underway with heat, fire dangers, warm evenings and nights, cool iced drinks and ice-cream, sunburn, outdoor meals, beach play and for some people, feeling drained.

School has begun for 1st timers missing mum/dad; next grade up with new teachers; starting High School and new challenges.

For some, a move to a new State or city or town and community or a new job means adjusting to new environment and making new friends.

For some it’s a time of hopefulness, excitement and anticipation.

For some it’s a continuation of difficulties and struggles.

The Christian calendar continues to take us on a journey in the midst of all that we might be experiencing. LENT is the time of the Christian year that leads up to Easter. 

It last six weeks, beginning with Ash Wednesday on 14th Feb and ending with Palm Sunday on 25th March and Holy Week which includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

Traditionally Christians perform some sort of sacrifice (called ‘giving up something’) during Lent as a way of helping them focus on what Jesus gave up for them.  In recent years there has been a new twist to that tradition.  What you can do is to LIVE FOR OTHERS ie, undertake a range of service opportunities that can be done by individuals or family groups.

Service can be in the community; in your congregation; in your home.   Whatever you feel you can do, do so intentionally as a service to God; pray about it; pray for the people involved; give of yourself and your time as an offering to God.  Consider all that God has done for you, for all people and ‘pass it forward’ with love and a generous, thankful spirit. Prepare yourself for Easter and what God in Christ has given all humanity.

Rev Angie