- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

We begin October with the start of Day Light Saving! 

For the Christian Church this time continues to be the Season after Pentecost, which began on June 11 and we find ourselves in the middle of the wilderness with the people of Israel.  The people are on a spiritual journey.

Recently I came across a book entitled SOULSTICE by Sharonne Price.  She says:

The book is called “Soulstice” because the solstice is the perceived “turning point” of the seasons – a time of approaching change.  The metaphor of season enables us to accept that everything has its time and that strength may actually be in letting go.  It also helps us see life with its redemptive rhythms and the great ecology of the spirit in human lives.

Everyone works through the dilemmas of identity, meaning, love and trust in their lives, whatever their views about God might be.  I wrote Soulstice about journeys because it is such a common metaphor for life – while it may be overused in this way, it’s a term that many can easily identify with.

In Soulstice, I identify four journeys of the soul – Exploration, the Heroic Journey, Pilgrimage and the Journey Home. Whilst they overlap, each of them requires a different stance from the traveller, even a different goal. Sometimes we have not thought about what sort of a journey we are taking – we just set out. There are lessons to be gleaned from the differences in the journeys and various potholes along the way.

As for journeys, I’ve often been frustrated with Christians who have an “are we there yet?” approach to faith, or who seem to believe that the destination is all that is important. 

Life is not experienced as a formula to be discovered or a set of boxes to be ticked. It’s much more gristly and sinewy than that. It requires all the things that a great journey demands – self-knowledge, courage, hope, faith, and the gifts of grace that are bestowed on us all along the way.’

Journey with God today, journey together with others and live in moment. 

Rev Angie