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As we enter into the 8th month of 2017, we may question how it is that the year flies by so quickly!   Is it our busy lifestyles?  Is it the pace of technology that impacts on so many aspects of our lives?  Is it just that as we get older our spirits notice that our days are in reality numbered and deep down we long for time to go more slower so that we can live longer?

In an article entitled ‘Why does time go faster as we get older?’ 2008, Philip Yaffe wrote:

The story is told of the biblical King Solomon. He once called his wise men together and presented them with a challenge. “Find me a cure for depression.” They meditated for a long time, then gave him the following advice. “Your Majesty, make yourself a ring and have engraved thereon the words: This too shall pass.” He had the ring made and wore it constantly. Every time he felt sad or depressed, he looked at the inscription, which tended to lift his spirits.

“This too shall pass.” Indeed, it shall. Whether positive or negative, nothing in life lasts forever, even if it sometimes feels as if it will. We are certain of this because we know life itself doesn’t last forever. We are all born to die. What happens after that is the subject of considerable controversy amongst people of faith and no faith. But whatever it is, we are certain it is going to happen and that it will almost certainly be different from whatever we know today.

Since I am now in my seventh decade (I am 65), for me this inevitability will probably occur sometime within the next 20-30 years, and almost certainly within the next 40 years. This seems like a very long time. However, the years are accelerating, so when it does occur my most probable reaction will be: “What! Already!”

The Epistle of James 4:13-17 says that ‘Life is a vapour’ – like morning mist that soon vanishes.

Life is short and uncertain.  Some see this as ‘morbid’.  Others see this as a positive, life giving Godly message that our lives will be lived well when we live daily in the light of our God who is Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer in and through all situations and relationships.


 Rev Angie