- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus


During Easter we journeyed through the darkness of rejection, betrayal, fear, violence, isolation, death and grief.  We know that this is part of Jesus’ experience on earth.  His hands and feet, which he revealed to the frightened disciples hiding behind locked doors, bore the scars as evidence of the lowest point of his life when he too questioned ‘Would God forsake me?’  He could have appeared to the disciples as whole, completely without scars or any signs of his experience.  But no, scarred and wounded, he appeared to his followers declaring that these wounds would not keep the life of God from flowing through him and to us.

After the darkness into light of Easter we, unlike the Northern Hemisphere with its bright array of spring colours, begin the month of May knowing that autumn, with its colours of gold, orange, purple/reds and russet is in full swing.

With the theme of ‘New Life’ still ringing in our ears, some might think that the brightness of spring would be much more in keeping with this theme.  However, there is a great depth to the season and colours of autumn that speaks to us of this post Easter time.

So in autumn and the coming winter, with colours from a deep rich, muted and warm palette, whilst the trees shed their leaves, the wind and rains come, the earth lies cold and dormant, there is the pulse of life underneath it all, regenerating, preparing to burst forth when the time is right.  Post Easter we celebrate the power that gives us the pulse of life and who will never abandon us.

Lefevre Uniting here at Taperoo aims to be a vital ‘pulse’ in the Peninsula together with other church and community groups.  Call in to visit, meet, chat, discuss, ask for a listening ear and prayer and be involved.  A warm welcome is offered so .. see you soon.  God’s love, peace, comfort and assurance be with you at all times. 

Rev Angie