- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

Our goal is to be as Christ in this community, for young, old and everyone in between.  Whoever you may be, wherever you come from, we hope you feel warmly welcome and that you will encounter the God who loves us all.

With the 1st March we begin the Season of Lent – a time in the Christian Calendar when we are invited to reflect on our relationship with God and how this is lived out in relationship with others, near and far.

Lent Event Project has been established to enable us to join people all over the world who share Jesus mission.  Live simply, give up something from daily life and donate what you save to clean water, peace, Christian leadership and justice.

In these next 5 weeks of Lent we prepare ourselves for the Easter Week events, commencing on Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Resurrection Day services.

In another context, if you are interested in exploring some themes that are part of this season, consider seeing two movies –

‘Fences’ with themes of masculinity, mortality, hopes/dreams/plans, family, betrayal, duty, dissatisfaction and racial discrimination;

‘Hidden Figures’ with themes of sexism, gender inequality, injustice, persistence, education, hopes/dreams and racial discrimination.

LENT PRAYER – Lord we know there is darkness within us and around us.  Bless this day with the Light of your Word.  Let your Light shine in the darkness.  Help us long for that Light until we celebrate it in six weeks’ time.

The peace of God be with you. 

Your Minister, Rev Angie