- Connecting with Peninsula people for Jesus

This year we joined with Trinity Alberton for KCO.

KCO is an overnight camp for kids who are 7 years old to in Year 7. At KCO kids enjoy a wide range of performances, activities, games, worship and music, based around a central theme.

The 2017 theme was Big World, the Bible and Us

The theme reflects the big issues in our lives and around our world. Big wonderful things and big horrible things. God knows everything, loves us and promises to be with us in all things. God has a plan to make all things new – for us and the world. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection shows us the plan for new life and God’s love for us. Jesus now invites us to share this love as we care for others and the big world.

Those who attended had such a gr8 time, they can’t wait for KCO 2018. If you would like to join them let Rev Angie know.